I Was Told’ “You’re Going to Have to Wear a Wig for the Interview”


Yup thats right y’all, they tried it!  Let me start from the beginning:

So because I’m a bright young woman out here trying to be great, I’ve been looking for advice and guidance from other women in terms of my career, etc.  I was introduced to a woman of color and we set up time to have coffee and to chat.

We had a great conversation, she’d worked for some amazing places and had an amazing mind.  I’m thinking I was throwing good vibes, mirroring her mannerism and her professionalism ratio to make sure we’re on the same page and all that good stuff.  

Close to the end of our coffee date she looks at me and pauses to take time to order her words.  “You know you’re going to have to wear a wig to the interview right?”.

Yes girl, she really said that!

I had to take the few seconds I had to gather my thoughts… and fix my face.  I ended up telling her that I heard  what she said and I’ll definitely take time to think about what she’s saying.  I mean listen, I understood that she was coming from a place of sincerity.  Her life experiences had shown her that an afro can stunt your professional growth in certain companies.  I believe that she told me this because she wanted  me to avoid all the barriers I could while I am building my path.

But c’mon y’all know me at this point, we damn there family, and you know I am not about to hide what God made for nobody.  Not to say that I’m against a good wig, weave or blowout.  But I am against being forced into a good wig, weave or blow out.

I got to thinking about all of the women of color who feel like they have to change their biological make up to be successful.  I aint never heard of nobody telling woman of other races to die her hair from blonde to brunette to be able to work in an office.  But that is what society is telling us.  I mean damn whats next?  You want me to suck the fat out my lips for an office and shave my nose down for a promotion?

Ultimately that is what society is asking us to do, so it is up to us to prevent young ladies from thinking that their natural selves is unacceptable.  It’s up to us to be the Solange in the building who makes it to a CEO position and changes the entire game baby.  It’s probably true that we may have to work harder than others.  But it’s okay girl you got this and it’s going to make you better and stronger.

Also think about this, if you know coming into an organization that they don’t accept your natural hair… what else are they going to quietly not accept.  I think of it as a saving grace.  Instead of wondering why I’ve been slow to be promoted, or treated a bit differently in a wig, I’ll be froing it up somewhere that here for it and my professional self!

Black is Beautiful



4 thoughts on “I Was Told’ “You’re Going to Have to Wear a Wig for the Interview”

  1. Basically, when it comes to applying for roles in corporate America you have to be strategic. Find out about the political views of the company, understand their culture, and maybe even network with some of the firms employee. Always interview the company first. In my career I have found several progressive organizations that don’t take this stance and these firms are well known. So comments like you need to where a wig should not be tolerated.


    1. Right. It sucks when the company as a whole has these connected views, but even more when its just the one person who’s in the way. Either way I figure if that person or the company doesn’t like my hair, there’s going to be a whole host of other things they don’t like that pop up along the way. You’re absolutely right!


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